Gas solid top range on static gas oven GN 2/1, 2 burners VS9080TPPCFG

Danh mục: Bếp công nghiệp 900 Series Tình trạng: Còn hàng
115,500,000 đ
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  • Model: VS9080TPPCFG
  • Dimensions: L800 D900 H870
  • Kg: 176.00
  • Supply: Gas
  • Catalogue Page: P085
  • Kw Gas: 28,000
  • Oven:
  • KW Gas: 8,000
  • Capacity: GN 2/1


Gas solid top range con 2 burners on gas static oven. Side panels, bottom and back made in stainless steel. Top made in AISI 304 thickness 20/10designed for flush alignment. Rear flue made in enamelled cast-iron. Cooking plate made in extra-thick cast iron with extractable central plate. The central zone can reach 500°c while decreasing awards (to 300 °C). Heating by cast iron burner with 7 kW power. Gas supply by means of safety tap with pilot flame and safety thermocouple. Iignition by means of piezoelectric device with waterproof cap. Plate dimensions 380x710. Rapid burners made in cast iron and brass sealed to the top. Gas supply by safety taps with thermocouple and pilot burner for the automatic ignition of main burner. Radioused corners top, easy to clean, equipped with high thick enamelled cast-iron hobs resistent to acid, alkali and flame. Nr.1 burner 5,5 kW and nr.1 burner 7,5 kW. Gas oven GN 2/1 equipped with thermostatic valve for temperature regulation from 50° C to 300 °C. Oven stabilized burner with piezoelectric ignition equipped with pilot flame and safety thermocouple. Cooking chamber made in stainless steel.


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